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Riff Johnson's Rockspiration

For more info and to book Riff for your next event:


Get ready to be inspired! Hire Riff Johnson to come speak at your public event, business function or school assembly.  Riff has music and speech approaches to appeal to ages young and old.  Riff will have all at your event attentive, laughing, relating emotions and singing along!  Riff Johnson brings his one man band setup to your event to entertain and express his outlook on life like nothing you've ever experienced. 

Riff Johnson has had many years of experience in writing, recording and performing music along with decades of public speaking experience.  He has entertained thousands of music lovers all over the world, including an ever-growing social media fan base.  

ROCKSPIRATION is telling stories about life experiences and ideas of important personal development. Relating to kids in school, what to expect after high school and to anyone at any stage in life.  This all mixed with humor and original music which never fails to leave the audience feeling inspired.

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