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"A multi-faceted talent,

Endlessly Entertaining"

- Dave Isaac, WKIT Stephen King's Radio Station


Originally hailing from Bangor Maine, and after a stint of drowning in County Music in Nashville Tennessee, Riff Johnson is currently traveling the world, spreading his music, personality and generally fun inspirational vibe. If you get wind of Riff Johnson rolling into your town, don't hesitate to attend. Sure to be a night of magic you won't soon forget!!

Riff's decades of guitar virtuosity shines through like a man on fire! One thing that sets Riff apart from most acts is his unmatched vocal range and texture. He has been named as one of the BEST ROCK VOCALISTS out of Nashville, Tennessee. Coupled with multiple instruments and looping, this one man band will have you entertained the entire show! A world class performer with tales of real life, a look into the inspiration behind original songs, to rocking out requests from the audience, it's an experience not to be missed!


Grab some Riff Merch in person or online. At the show feel free to take pictures and video. When the show is over, grab a picture with Riff himself and feel free to JOIN the EMAIL LIST and the "RIFFER ADDICTS" to keep up with Riff and his travels and adventures. The online FACEBOOK group is where most of the energy is focused, and even better it's FREE!!!


"The Hardest Rocking Mother from Maine "

- HARDROCK with Jay Conroy - NYC

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